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Would You Lend Your 2-Year-Old Son To This SA Lady?

A South African lady who goes by the name Noluthando Zuma, went on Twitter yesterday to go and beg for a two year old child who could come to her rescue.

Wondering what the child could do to help a grown up woman? It’s all to save her face. She tweeted that she met a cute guy who had a son with him, and ofcourse part of the conversion was the lie that she also had a son. Now she’s begging mothers to release any spare 2 year old son they have…lol…

South African woman begs Twitter users to borrow her a baby as a matter  of urgency and her reason is hilarious

Apparently a joke, some mothers played along and asked her how much she was willing to pay as loan money.

Nothing we won’t see on the internet these days.

Featured image credit: ETSY


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