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Workaholic 101: How My First Leave From Work Turned Out

I wish I feel as relaxed as I look; I guess the saying ‘looks can be deceiving’ has some high level of truth in it.

The past nine days of my life were remarkably interesting and insightful. I finally took the much anticipated and advised leave from the 9-5 hustle. The people closest to me felt the days were  just too short to make the most of the actual reason why I was taking it in the first place – have a change of environment, travel. But as enticing as this idea was, I still had to weigh my options A LOT, plus all I really needed was away from the craziness of the environment in which the office I work in is situated – Apapa! Uggh!

Not to forget the stress I went through during my sister’s wedding which was on the weekend before my leave was scheduled to begin. It was indeed extremely exhausting, coupled with the fact I was dealing with depression relapse (story for another day) and other emotionally inflicted health issues. Haha, only me!

I just needed a break from everything. Everyone.  I literally felt I was being choked. I needed to breathe.

Anyway, I learnt a lot in the past nine days like I said; enough to help plan future leave-from-work days.

The number one lesson I learned is – Never go on leave from work and stay home with your parents (if you live with them). Why? This is because you will, most likely, resume yet another 9-5. In fact, it will almost be a 24-hour duty.

And if you don’t live with your folks and decide ‘staying home’ is the plan, then believe me when I say, boredom will bring you to that thin line that separates insanity from normal. Basically, there has or must be a plan even if you have no intentions of travelling. Let each day have an outing schedule; go to the movies, go have ice cream, just go out!

Also pay close attention to what you eat during these days, because you tend to notice where you probably had gone wrong while keeping busy at work and not eating healthy and also get to have that glow up before you resume.

Another lesson was – it’s okay to get enough sleep; but too much of it is bad and can sometimes lead to fatigue (not all cases are the same; I’m no doctor). Point is, too much sleep isn’t necessarily good for you. So get the usual or recommended 8 hours of sleep.

That aside, it is also totally allowed to be a complete nuisance ( 😂 Like, literally.) those days and catch up on lost times with old friends and other activities; break the rules (whichever one you have) and enjoy the days off before you start slaving again to pay those bills.

Lastly, to enjoy whichever time you decide to take off work, make sure you have an idea of what you wish to do. Plan ahead. Save up enough money too. Well, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t travel; my bank account revealed to me the only trip I could make was to my backyard. I adhered to its advise. 😂

… I wish I knew all these things before then, but it’s fine. There’s always a first time… Plus, it wasn’t all that bad, especially towards the end of my mini vacation.

At least, some things got laid to rest. 😊


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