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Wiz Khalifa’s Mom Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa’s mother , Katie Wimbush-Polk is reportedly suing Amber Rose for defamation.

This comes after her son’s ex launched into a profanity-laced phone call accusing her of being an unfit grandmother and being responsible for her child’s death, according to reports. Khalifa’s sister, Dorien “Lala”, died in February of complications from lymphoma.

In the lawsuit, Amber made the phone call to Katie after she was allegedly reported to California Child Welfare Services on June 19. According to the Washington County Observer-Reporter, Polk’s 5-year-old niece initially answered the phone to a heated Rose, who had already begun yelling into the phone.

Polk’s friend, Danesa Letic, eventually gained control of the phone, to which Rose continued her vicious tirade. Nothing came of it even after child welfare services visited Amber.

The $50,000 lawsuit states that Amber has severely hurt her reputation with allegations of being a negligent parent.



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