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Viola Davis’ Speech At The 2018 Women’s March Is Mind-blowing!

The 2018 Women’s March witnessed quite a crowd in continuation of the movement which was launched a year ago in protest of President Donald Trump.

The march’s main theme, #PowerToThePolls, encouraged participants to think ahead to the country’s mid-term elections in November. At the LA protest, were Viola Davis, Natalie Portman, and Scarlett Johansson joining thousands of women.

One of the the most powerful speeches at this year’s event in LA, was that of actress, Viola Davis where she revealed she was sexually abused, calling on citizens to not just fight for their rights, but also the rights of other citizens, especially those who have no voice.

She said:

“Every single day, your job as an American citizen is not just to fight for your rights, but it is to fight for the right of every individual that is taking a breath, whose heart is pumping and breathing on this earth.

I am speaking today not just for the ‘Me Toos, because I was a ‘Me Too,’ but when I raise my hand, I am aware of all the women who are still in silence.

The women who are faceless. The women who don’t have the money and don’t have the constitution and who don’t have the confidence and who don’t have the images in our media that gives them a sense of self-worth enough to break their silence that is rooted in the shame of assault and rooted in the stigma of assault,” she said.

Watch full speech below:


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