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The Kind Of Clothes Rihanna Has Worn Lately Has Got Us Thinking

The singer is one to dress out of context. She likes to do ‘Rihanna’ and just be extra, but her outfits lately have got us thinking….

Style icon: Underneath, Rihanna showcased her ample bosom in a light blue sports bra with a dark blue zipper down the middle

Thinking about nothing but why wear these weird clothes Riri???

Peek: Her bikini bottoms were covered with a mesh layer that allowed a peek at her svelte hips

And her make up….

'I'm going live tonight!' Not much is known about what's in store on the catwalk, but Riri (born Robyn Fenty) is said to be using a 'soaked' motif for her runway show

Rihanna, 29, is currently dating a Saudi billionaire named Hassan Jameel.


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