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Reno Omokri Pens Open Letter To The Archbishop Of Canterbury

Renowned broadcaster and activist, Reno Omokri, has penned an open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury concerning if or when next he visits Nigeria’s President Buhari.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Dear Most Reverend Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury. Sir, when next you visit Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, could you please ask him why no one has been punished for the deaths of 347 Shiite men, women, children and infants on his watch on December 15, 2015? Why do you continue to affirm the man who has treated the deaths as though it was nothing?

Why the silence of the world? Civilians died in a war situation in Aleppo and the world gets agitated. Civilians died in Zaria where there is no war and the world accepts it. Is it because they are Shiites? Are the Shiites not children of God? Do their lives not matter as much as President Buhari’s life? Remember that the Good Samaritan was not a Jew.

He was a Samaritan, the enemy of the Jews. If you still keep quiet and one day (God forbid) Nigerian Anglicans are killed (killings in churches are not infrequent in Nigeria), how can you speak up against the killings without appearing to be a hypocrite?”

See his post below:


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