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Is It Possible To Equally Love Two People At The Same Time?

If you know you are not the type to eat your cake and have it, then you will understand that it is impossible to love two people at the same time, in the exact proportion of affection, if they are not your children.

So yes we speak of adult relationship!

I understand that this is really though – how often do we find true love in the first place? And how frustrating is it when we find it but it comes at such an inopportune time, such as when you’re in another relationship (which you might not be feeling a 100%)? Maybe you’re in it for selfish reasons, sympathy, family or just because you don’t want to hurt a fly.

Well it’s ideal if you can leave the current relationship for a shot at a new one, but it’s not always that easy. Sometimes you can’t leave, or other times you don’t want to leave, in which case you try to balance both relationships. But can you really do this and keep everyone happy?

Can we truly love two people at once, or will we unavoidably be abandoning one love for another? And if indeed we can love two people at once, are we shortchanging one or both of them by doing so?

Love as we know is a choice and not chance. It comes to us by chance but we stay in it by choice. So we must learn to choose wisely when it comes to who gives us genuine happiness and peace. If your heart feels something for one person, be true to yourself it doesn’t feel that way for the other. Maybe it’s the conversations, the friendship, the level of understanding, trust, availability, respect, mutual consent or just how committed this person is to you.

For me yeah, I believe you can never love a second person without taking something away from the first. This doesn’t mean that whatever you give when you love someone is limited or scarce but resources such as your heart, your feelings and the truth can’t be shared. And incase you are still trying to convince yourself that you can, answer this last question: do you really want this person you love—more than your committed partner—to settle for second place, in your day-to-day life if not your heart?

Food for thought.


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  1. Nichole Best

    April 20, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    If you even as much as start to love another, you might as well just leave the first one. No such thing as sympathy or what the society will say. Your happiness should always count FIRST! Thank you and be wise


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