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Nigerians React To Pres. Buhari’s Media aide, Lauretta Onochie’s Comments On His Health

The personal assistant to President Buhari on Social Media Lauretta Onochie has said that those asking for full disclosure of the health status of the president are disrespecting his right to privacy.

She made this known when she was a guest at Channels Television‘s Politics Today on Monday.

The presidential aide added:

For the life of me, I have no idea why anybody should disrespect another by asking for the details of their health status. As we speak, we have an acting president. As we speak, President Buhari seems to be like a private citizen at the moment. We have no right and it is very disrespectful for anyone to ask for his health status. In the UK where I came from nobody would release anybody’s health record to another, not even the members of their family unless the person decides to approve.

The prerogative to speak on his ailment lies only on President Buhari. If he chooses, it is a choice. It is very disrespectful and very intrusive. We are intruding into his private rights. He has rights too as a citizen of Nigeria. It is not right, not appropriate. Anybody can get sick at any particular time.

Here’s how Nigerians on Twitter reacted to her statement:


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