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Bridget Jones’s Baby Trailer Is Finally Out!

One of my absolute favorite Rom-Coms of all time is Bridget Jones. I especially loved the movies because I was a little bit romantically awkward as well. It was awesome to watch a movie that portrayed a little bit of what I was going through in that area of my life – even though the movie takes place in the abroad.

From time to time, I watch the old Bridget Jones movies again just to laugh and shake my head and go “Oh, Bridget!”. Imagine my joy when there were hints of a new one!

Finally, the Bridget Jones’s Baby Trailer is Here –

I’m excited for this movie for a couple of reasons, the first being that Ed Sheeran is going to be in it. It was also pretty interesting to see that Bridget and Mark didn’t actually end up together as suggested in the second Bridget Jones movie.

The trailer promises just as much fun and romantic tension as in the first two movies and I am twitching with excitement at the prospect of it. There’s no date for release yet, and this is only the first trailer, but still – much excitement.


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