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Movie Review By Linda Ochugbua – First Kill (A Must See)

Steven C. Miller did a good work with First Kill. The movie was loaded with suspense, action and lessons to take home. It kept me and everyone in the cinema room with me at the edge of our seats. Although it started off a little slow at the beginning but once Will (Hayden Christensen) set off to a family vacation in his home town, the story turned around. So from a calm vacay with his wife and son, who was really the reason for taking time off work, to a kidnap and police chase ordeal.

Will’s son Danny was always getting bullied at school and he couldn’t stand up for himself. His father then decides to take him back to his own roots and intends to teach him how to be a man, just like his own father had thought him. Unknown to them, there had been a bank heist gone wrong and the town was pretty heated.

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On the day Will takes Danny to the forest to hunt down a good kill, is the same day the bank robbers were meeting up. People get shot and Danny (Ty Shelton) gets kidnapped. His father as a ransom now has to aid the kidnapper/robber get the looted money, in exchange for his son.

The entire action started after Danny was taken. Not sure who to trust or blame, Will did all the dirty work by himself. It was interesting to see a Wall Street broker in New York, turn into a fighter and killer. It goes to show how much family means.

I won’t say Bruce Wills didn’t shock me in this one. I kept rooting for him until the end. To think that his death was the most painful of them all. No one recovers from a head shot. And to think he was the reason why Will lost his parents, will even leave you wanting more than a head shot for him.

In all the movie scored a 6/10 for me. Storyline was good, presentation and direction was good, actors played their parts well. Could more have been done to earn a 9 or 10, yes. But for now let’s all say well done to the cast and crew of First Kill.

Cast: Bruce Willis, Megan Leonard, Hearther Johansen, Hayden Christensen, Tyler Jon Olson, William DeMeo, Gethin Anthony, She Buckner & Gethin Anthony,

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery  & Suspense

Director: Steven C. Miller

Ratings: R (Strong violence and language throughout)

Written by: Nick Gordon

Runtime: 97 mins

Studio: Summit Entertainment


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