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Meets The Children From The “House Of Horror” Tortured By Their Parents

The thirteen siblings who were rescued from a California house of horrors where they were abused by their parents were allowed to shower just twice a year and were fed one rationed meal a day, it has been revealed.

Officials say all 13 of the children, some of whom are over 18, are now receiving hospital treatment and are so malnourished they fear they could go into shock at any time. They are pictured before the worst of the abuse is believed to have begun

The children, who range in age from two to 29, were rescued on Sunday after their brave 17-year-old sister climbed through a window of the house in Perris, California, to call 911.  They were found shackled to furniture and lying in urine and feces.

David and Louise Turpin, seen above together in 2016, only allowed their 13 children to shower twice a year and fed them just one meal a day, according to officials who helped rescue the siblings in Perris, California, on Sunday

Several neighbors in both California and Texas, where the family lived until 2010, have come forward to say they found the Disney-obsessed couple ‘odd’. But child protection services in Perris said on Thursday they were never once alerted to the home nor did they receive complaints about the Turpins.

David Allen TurpinLouise Anna Turpin

Their parents David and Louise Turpin were arrested inside the home once police arrived. Their first court appearance is scheduled for today.


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