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Man Strangled To Death By His Own Pet 8ft-Long Python

Have dogs finished in this life biko that snakes are the new pets people (who don’t like their lives)  are buying now?

In the first British case, a snake lover was strangled to death by his own pet python, which was about 8ft long, after it wrapped itself around him and suffocated him. He called the “pet” snake Tiny.

 His pet python was at the centre of the investigation into his death

An inquest into the death of Dan Brandon 31, who was found dead in his home, today heard he was tragically killed by his pet. He was discovered lifeless on the floor in his Chruch Crookham home, while Tiny was out of her pen.

His parents heard a loud bang from upstairs when preparing dinner and went to check on their son as he had failed to come downstairs, the coroner was told.

 The python was found outside its pen

They attempted to perform CPR on him, after noticing Tiny was not in his pen, but Dan couldn’t be saved.

 Dan was found dead on August 25 in his room where he kept all of his snakes

His mother Babs told Basingstoke Coroners’ Court today he kept 10 snakes and 12 tarantulas in his room at the family home and had had Tiny, an African rock python, since she was small enough to fit in his hand.

Coroner Andrew Bradley recorded a verdict of misadventure and said: “The most likely scenario is that Tiny was engaged with Dan – I have no doubt about that.

Mr Brandon’s parents, brother and sister were in court, and Mrs Brandon told the coroner the snake loved her son, he never felt threatened by Tiny and was aware of how strong she was.

Dan’s family said that he had always been most wary of Tiny but that she was his “baby”, and had stopped putting her around his neck as he did with all of his other snakes.

His mother said: “Tiny would sometimes get a bit cross with me, she would be saying ‘leave him [Dan] alone.’

“I would hear Dan shouting sometimes, saying ‘for goodness sake Tiny’ and I would shout back upstairs, ‘they are deaf Dan.'”

Mr Bradley’s mother still looks after the snakes and showed off a bite she has on her hands that another snake gave her ten days ago.

She added: “If Tiny had bitten Dan before strangling him there would have been a much bigger bite mark on him than this one. It must have been a show of affection.”

 On social media he has photos with his pets, including one of a huge Burmese python wrapped around his body

Non-venomous pythons kill by wrapping around their prey and squeezing them to death.

A spokeswoman for Surrey and Hampshire Reptile Rescue previously told The Sun: “There’s never been a case of a python killing someone in Britain before. They only kill what they eat.”

Dan’s social media presence showed him with a number of snakes around his neck.

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