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Kylie Jenner Won’t Be Announcing Her Pregnancy Anytime Soon

Although, the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashian trailer has got many wondering, after the narrator emphasized the episode will bring ‘announcements’ and ‘big news’, a source told USweekly that it won’t be about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, so hold your horses.

Not so fast, fans! Kylie Jenner will not reveal her pregnancy anytime soon, UsWeekly claimed

Read what the source said:

“She spent her adolescent life on television and has been famous for over 10 years now. If this is the first thing she wants to keep to herself, she should be allowed that…She’s worked hard enough to do whatever she wants and that won’t be changing no matter how big the financial offers are to have her spill her pregnancy.

If you knew Kylie — she can be very stubborn. When she makes her decisions, she sticks by them. This is a decision she made early on in her pregnancy and she’s sticking by it,’ added the source.

But being holed up in her Hidden Hills, California mansion has not made her sad. She’s very happy about the pregnancy but she doesn’t want to share this with the world. Her not being out is strictly personal preference. She wants to keep this one aspect of her life private.

Kylie has a favorite name for her baby girl, but isn’t sharing. She has been busy getting the pink nursery ready and has been devoting her attention to buying baby supplies online.

This explains why all her family members are so tight lipped and keep saying ask Kylie.

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