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Karrueche Tran Forces Chris Brown To Move On

She was the merciful lover in the love triangle between herself, Chris Brown and Rihanna. Not anymore. Karrueche has totally moved on from Chris Brown and won’t even give him the time of day or night, no matter how persistent he decides to get. She has moved on to better and better doesn’t start with Chris.

So this is what happened last night, it was not the typical TGIF for Karrueche as Chris Brown was on her tail and she was having none of it. Karrueche and Christina Milan were hanging out at the Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles. Breezy showed up right next to them (he’d apparently booked the table adjacent to theirs). Karrueche and Milan left the club, determined to avoid any possible confrontation with Chris, who wasn’t giving up at the adjacent club tables. Karrueche is keeping to her word to Big Boy.

Persistent Breezy followed Karrueche out of the club, and somehow managed to climb into her SUV, despite efforts from her friends to get rid of him. He followed everywhere like a lost puppy.


According to TMZ, he showed up at Karrueche’s front door at roughly 3:30 AM this morning, demanding a face-to-face conversation, forcing Karrueche to leave her house and head to a diner because her neighbours dialed 911 to get rid of Chris Brown. He didn’t give up, he showed up (again), looking for a conversation. It was after this final (and unfortunate) meeting, that Karrueche was allegedly finally able to rid herself of Chris, and return home.



Well seeing as Karrueche has really moved on Chris took to social media (as usual) to declare a new beginning. Posting a picture surrounded with his cars, he titled it ‘ The first day of the rest of my life’.



Good luck to you Chris, we hope you truly find happiness and probably grow up while at it.


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