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Jay Z And Rihanna Escorted Off V Festival Premises For Security Reasons

Better safe than sorry. Singer Rihanna and rapper Jay-Z, were reportedly escorted away from the V Festival site on Sunday night due to a security breach.

Acording to The Sun, a ‘serious’ situation broke out in Tape nightclub’s backstage area, where up to 20 ’emergency support officers’ had descended onto the scene, following a group of men forcing their way in, so the stars were rushed to a nearby waiting Helicopter to avoid being caught up in the crowd.

Security acted quickly to clear the area, with a source telling the paper:

 ‘It was terrifying. One man smacked a steward in the mouth twice…. no one knew what to do and security completely lost control.’

They had attempted to tackle the men who had forced their way into the backstage area, swiftly removing them. However, festival-goers were left ‘scared’ as a result of the chaos that had ensued – including tables being thrown – after Jay-Z’s performance.


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