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Halima Abubakar Graces The Cover Of Juvenis Magazine

Actress and Producer, Halima Abubakar 30, is one of the finest we have in the movie industry in Nigeria. She has starred in several movies and bagged several awards. A Kogi state Youth Ambassador and trend setter and also CEO Modehouz Entertainment. She has become a force to reckon with in Nollywood but not so many people know that her journey has not been a bed of roses.


Her story is indeed an inspiration to youngsters who want to make the difference. In her interview with Juvenis Magazine she revealed alot about herself. The video of the interview is just below.

Recently she talked about her battle with depression and how she overcame it.

” I broke up with my boyfriend and I didn’t handle it well. Not me alone, we both didn’t handle the situation well. But you know I am a woman, we all react differently. To some people, they can just take a drink and sleep off. And that’s the end. They don’t have anything to think about. But I just realized I loved him deeply. I didn’t think I was that romantic. I thought it was the Jango, Rainbow or Odechi (laughs) thing. So, falling in love was kind of something new to me. Then, having problem upon problem about it until it ended up in a major breakdown.
When exactly did the hiccups start in the relationship and when did it finally pack up?
It happened first in December 2013, and we came back in 2014. And we broke up again which led to the whole thing. He didn’t even know, I am sure he couldn’t even believe I was in love with him to that extent. That’s why. So, I advise people to show love to who they claim to love. And for any guy that’s in love with a woman, he should show her that love, pay her all the attention and make her know you love her. You don’t allow her to doubt your love.

It’s a very huge experience, and coming out of it wasn’t that easy. A lot of people don’t really understand what being depressed is. Some may say they are sad, they are not but depressed. But what happens is that they don’t know they’re depressed, they’re just sad. Every day they ask such people, they will reply, I just dey jare. Each day they’re thinking about so many things – they think about money, love, husband, kids and all that, and all these things and more cause depression which many Nigerians don’t know because we’re strong.
We think we’re just sad when we’re in that situation. Initially, I thought I was just low, until I started having migraine. I couldn’t sleep. At a point, I couldn’t even sleep for two weeks…  thank God I have overcome that. And Insha Allah, it won’t come back… I am going to say I am very grateful to God, I am in a better and wonderful place. I am beyond happy.”

Now she has decided to ignore critics surrounding the big reveal of her true age via social media. Speaking in an interview she said ‘I have said what my real age is. I am 30, I am not bothered in any way about what people say.’

Her decision to reveal her real age after lying for so many years since joining the Nigerian movie industry, has caused fans, followers and critics to talk and question her credibility.



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