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GIRLS TRIP – Movie Review By Linda Ochugbua

Malcolm D. Lee, the director, was really good in this new movie, although we have had several movies of friends going on vacations. There was just something really unique about this one.

He brought together award winning female actors which made the perfect mix to this girls movie.

It really didn’t feel like a girl’s movie, because everyone in the cinema totally enjoyed the movie and had a very good laugh. The choice of four friends coming together from different spheres of life made it more interesting.

The movie featured: Regina Hall as “Ryan”, Tiffany Haddish as “Dina”, Larenz Tate as “Julian”, Mike Colter as “Stewart” Kate Walsh as “Elizabeth” Jada Pinkett Smith “Lisa” Queen Latifah as “Sasha”.

The ladies were at their best and seeing Jada back again was awesome. The production and location was really colorful which made the movie look so beautiful.

The story-line basically surrounds itself around four friends who have been apart for so many years after college and needed to reunite and have a good time. They all had to travel first class; the fun was from boarding to arrival and non-stop till their return.

Ryan, Dina, Elizabeth and Liza were very good friends from college and were a group. Then in high school their clique was called “fossy”. They basically did everything together, but after college, they all went on to live in different cities. Until of course, they decided to plan this trip so they could catch up and have fun.

Now Ryan was the most successful of all, it looked like she had everything all sorted, arranged and perfect, she looked so happy with her partner, Stewart, but there was something shady about them.

On the other hand, Sasha was a blogger. She owned an exclusive blog that was well known for stalking celebrities, retrieving sensitive and detailed stories about their lives and publishing it for money and hits to the site. Sadly she was still broke and need a big hit beat to bounce back.

Lisa was a mother of two but separated from her husband. She lives with her mum and kids, whom she loved so dearly.

She had the most of the fun in the end because she was the most uptight of them all and her friends were bent on making sure she got laid and loosen up before the end of the trip.

The final of the group and the craziest of them all was Din.  She was absolutely amazing even though if you needed a secret kept, just don’t tell her. She didn’t know how to control her mouth and emotion; she must spill it all out just the way it was.

The movie was just perfect, from the cast to the production, down to the story line and all the crew. I will see it over and over again and not be tired. So that brings me to my verdict:

Girls Trip deserves a whooping 9/10. I’m still very excited even writing this review. It’s a 100% recommendation from me. Grab your sisters and girlfriends this weekend and hurry down to any cinema nearest to you to see it.


Cast: Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Larenz Tate, Mike Colter, Kate Walsh, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lara Grice, Kofi Siriboe, Queen Latifah, Deborah Ayorinde Janeline Condez Hayes, wayne Benjamin Jr.


Genre: Comedy, Drama


Director: Malcolm D. Lee


Ratings: R (For crude and sexual content throughout, pervasive language, brief graphic nudity and drug material


Written by: Kenya Barris, Tracy Oliver


Casting : 122mins


Studio: Universal Pictures



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Linda Ochugbua




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