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Floyd Mayweather Is Abstaining From Sex Until After His Fight With Conor Mcgregor

MMA Myth states that sex before a fight weakens a fighter and some old school trainers (especially in boxing) don’t like their fighters to have sex during training. That’s why boxer, Floyd Mayweather, has revealed he is ‘absolutely’ abstaining from any sexual intercourse before his fight with Conor Mcgregor. He wants to stay as fit as possible.

When asked by TMZ, he said ”Absolutely”.

Floyd who is 40 has said 29 year old Mcgregor has more advantages over him because he is younger and he(Floyd)has been off the ring in a long time. And he is not doing anything to further put him at a disadvantage.

On the other hand, Conor told Conan O’Brien back in 2015 that he doesn’t believe sex can dampen his chances of winning a fight.

“That is most certainly a superstition that I do not abide by,” “I definitely have as much sex as possible.”


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