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Court Says Pedophile Dwarf Is Too Short For Prison

A court has spared a paedophile dwarf jail term after pleading guilty to charges of pestering 2 teenage girls to commit sex acts online.

According to Dailypost, Bryan Anthony Bowen, who has learning difficulties and went to a special school,  via Facebook approached the girls asking them to send him naked photos and sending them obscene messages in the process.

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To one he said ‘Do you want to f***?’ and ‘I will f*** you for your birthday present.’  And to the other he said you are “Fit as f**k.” The girls were 15 and 13 respectively.

Judge Rhys Rowland said that Bowen, 26, of Welshpool, was ‘small in stature and emotionally inadequate’, saying he would have a hard time in prison, so his 48-week prison sentence has been suspended for two years. Although, he will register as a sex offender for 10 years.


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