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Chris Brown And Georgina Onuoha React To Libya Slave Trade

Following a report done by CNN, that uncovered a market in Libya where Nigerians and other Africans are auctioned off as slaves, kept in dehumanizing conditions, sexually abused, and even killed for their organs, Chris Brown has lent his voice.

Read what he wrote:

Chris Brown, reacts to the slave trade boom in Libya

Actress Georgina Onuoha bittered cried on Facebook as she expressed her disappointment in fellow Nollywood colleagues who have not used their platforms to condemn the terrible act, since it concerns Nigerians.

Actress Georgina Onuoha breaks down in tears as she calls out Nigerian actors for not speaking against the current slave trade happening in Libya

The truth is if Hollywood celebrities start the trend, Nigerians will follow suit. But are we going to fold our hands and wait for them or even the government?

Featured image credit: Voice Of People Today


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