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Bella Hadid Reacts To Trumps Decision To Make Jerusalem Israel’s Capital

Bella Hadid has reacted to President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and she calls it ‘absurd, unfair and one-sided’.

The 21 year old Muslim supermodel, took to her Instagram page to condemn the ‘unjust’ announcement. Read what she wrote:

 ‘I’ve been waiting to put this into perfect words but I realized there is no perfect way to speak of something so unjust.
‘A very very sad day. Watching the news and seeing the pain of the Palestinian people makes me cry for the many many generations of Palestine. ‘Seeing the sadness of my father, cousins, and Palestinian family that are feeling for our Palestinian ancestors makes this even harder to write.

‘Jerusalem is home of all religions. For this to happen, I feel, makes us take 5 steps back making it harder to live in a world of peace. The TREATMENT of the Palestinian people is unfair, one-sided and should not be tolerated. I stand with Palestine.


Bella’s father, real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid, 69, was born in Nazareth and lived in both Syria and Lebanon before immigrating to the US aged just 14.

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