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8 Simple Ways To Make Yourself Look Thinner

In this season of fitness, you might be in the group of people who go pass the gym and wonder why people are sweating and running to fast. Or you always push your gym days to tomorrow.

Forget the crash diets and excessive exercise regimes. Being a little more svelte could be simpler than you think.

1. Get A Tailor

A good tailor can transform any suit, dress or pair of trousers into your most slimming outfit ever. Remember, clothing that is ill-fitting can have an unflattering effect on your figure. Don’t wait to fit into a size department, just let a good tailor who understands your body size, work the magic.

2. Create A Firm Foundation

If a bra is part of your everyday attire, make sure it’s working for and not against you. The hard truth of the matter is that an unshapely bra could be making you appear heavier, lumpier and droopier than you are. According to Reader’s Digest, 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong-size bra, but getting the right fit isn’t as hard as you might think. Visit an upscale department store or boutique that offers expert fittings – then restock your lingerie drawer in a size that flatters your shape.

3. Get Some More Jeans

Being naturally thin and toned might not be in everyone’s genes, but it can certainly be in everyone’s jeans. A new style of jeans could be more flattering than you think. Forget all the assumptions you’ve made about certain styles; for example, if you’re curvy, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck wearing boot-cut jeans. Give a pair of skinny jeans a shot. The long lines are flattering on any shape. But use caution. If thinner is what you’re after, steer clear of bulk-adding features, like flap pockets, extra zippers or lots of bling.

4. Avoid The Large Print

Prints – particularly large, loud prints – have a tendency to make make your body appear larger. According to Esquire, the exception to this rule is in a man’s tie. The website explains, “a striped tie can emphasize the length of your torso, making you look leaner.”

5. Pick A Colour

Black doesn’t always have to be the choice for looking thinner. But if you’re going to dress in something bright, keep your look monochromatic. Otherwise, you risk drawing attention to where the colors contrast – typically your midsection. On the other hand, a single color draws the eye vertically, which naturally elongates your body.

6. Show Your Glow

If you’re not happy with your figure, emphasize your neck and everything above. A clean, healthy skin care regime is the perfect way to ensure you’re drawing all the right attention to all the right places. Find cleansers, toners and serums that are clean, safe and actually good for your skin and let others admire your best asset.

7. Get An Energy Booster

Your body is more than a number on a scale, and you are most attractive when you showcase your energy and vitality. If you are feeling sluggish for a majority of the time, it may be affecting your appearance. A personal wellness brand such as Modere can help you achieve your weight goals, live clean and feel your best. Be certain that you are getting a proper amount of sleep, exercise, and nutrition and supplements that allow you to feel your best. Because when you feel your best, maintaining your weight becomes a lot simpler.

8. Feel It

The truth is they say perception is reality, and when it comes to feeling slender and sexy, that saying has never been truer. If you feel it, you will be it. So start feeling thinner.


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