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5 Places To Get A Gift For Your Wife/Girlfriend This Valentine

In the season of love, you might be wonder what your better half/partner deserves that is far more than “I Love You.”

So see below 5 list of places that we put together just to aid your shopping experience…

1. Helado Cakes

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They have the best cakes in Lagos Nigeria and they are really affordable. If you want to be traditional and go the cake route, try them today.

2. Flower Shop

This is another amazing shop where you can order for different kinds of flowers which will express how much you love and feel for your partner. Flowers in Nigeria might not be a big deal for ladies, but trust us when we say they’ll love them.

3. Just Wardrobes

So if you don’t want to give an expected gift, checkout this Instagram store for trendy and affordable fashion pieces. You’ll be back to thank us later.

4. Intercontinental Hotel

Dinner for two is always remarkable here. Especially

5. Deal Dey

Are you on a budget and you want something really sweet for your baby girl, head on to Deal Dey and you’ll get her something affordable (a perfume, spa date, dinner reservation, name it).

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