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5 Amazing Valentine’s Day Cocktails That Will Leave You Lovestruck

As the queen of cocktails that I am, I will like to share with you guys some cocktails that will keep you warm and wanting more…. I know how I felt drinking them before today.

So as you go out with that special someone, be sure to order one of these 5;

1. Worst Behaviour – Like the name sounds, one glass and you will be on your worst behaviour #inDrake’svoice

Detox While You Retox with This Turmeric Libation Named After a Drake Song

2.  Sweet seduction… As it’s name, it’s actually really sweet.

Image result for sweet seduction cocktail

3.  Scarlet Kiss – Be sure this one is very smooth but sets in real quick

Image result for scarlet kiss cocktail

4. Chocolate Martini

Image result for chocolate martini cocktail

5. Bacardi Cocktail – All shades of yum yum yum

Image result for Bacardi cocktail


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  1. Abayomi Opeyemi Dorcas

    February 14, 2017 at 11:42 am

    That is good


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