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4 Rules To A Super Happy Marriage (They’ve Been Tried And Tested)

So you know that the woman keeps the home stronger, but the man must ensure to keep her strong enough and willing to do that. The woman decides who will be and stays happy in her home. Believe me when I say the ‘Strength Of A Woman’ is beyond words and human reasoning. How she does it we don’t know, but you must respect that mystery.

I carried out a survey recently and I discovered that these four rules/regulations/laws/advice/keys, however you want to see them, will not just help you keep the sanity in your home, they will also keep your wife happy.

1. See your wife as Jesus Christ: Sounds crazy right? But the Bible is no book of confusion. Read up Eph 5:25 – just as Christ did. It takes the love of Christ to know how to successfully love a woman. In her complicated and yet beautiful self, she must remain as the Church in your life, and the church is Christ.

Marriage is about forgiving and forgiving and forgiving. How can you forgive a woman who constantly slays on your book of offences right? Just ask her maker.

Whatever you want to do to her, see it as you doing it to Christ. It will keep you away from evil!

2. Love her more in anger: True that this sounds hard, but it’s the easiest of all four. Realizing that you can love and love deeper in anger, is the sweetest and most dangerous rule to a happy marriage. It’s sweet because you only avert issues, even though your wife might play hard to get sometimes and it’s dangerous because you might abuse it.

If she annoys you and forgiving her is so hard, buy her a flower, car, diamond, chocolates anything. It will surprise you how this works wonders. She might throw the gift back in your face, but that’s only because the woman in her likes shakara.

Never let the sun go down on your anger. Not because it’s a beautiful quote, but because you really cannot afford to wake up the next day frowning. Your wife can make the sun in the world look darker than 12midnight. She’s got that power over you. Live to ensure that every night, you two go to sleep not necessarily happy, but at peace with each other.

3. Do not argue with her: It’s no joke when they say women are always right. Even when she is not right, a woman finds a way of being on the right side of things, making her win.

Her tongue is her strongest weapon. A woman’s mouth is greater than 10 Ak 47s shot at the same time and target. Do not argue with her. We are not saying you should play a fool, just don’t be caught up in a web of words with your wife.

4. Never expect food when you get home: Quickly I will like to state a fact – Your wife is your negative side. When you see her and you start loving her, you are loving her for all the negative reasons. You see all that you do not see in yourself. Positive always attracts negative. You find your better half not your better you.

If you go home and your good side wants to eat, expect that you will meet your crazy side at home. Be sure not to react in ways you wouldn’t like.

NOTE TO WIVES: Remember your husband is a part of you. If you starve him, you are starving yourself. Invariably whatever you do to him, you do to yourself, so let your watch word be ‘guidance.’

In all, always bare in mind that submission is not extracted but intentional.


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