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13 Weight Loss Myths You Should Stop Believing Yesterday

This fitness drive has become such a big deal lately, even a size 6 girl or guy wants to lose some weight. Just disappear already!

Here are some myth you need to stop believing like yesterday…

1. Let’s start with maybe you should lose weight, you seem to be out of shape or unfit.

2. That certain foods burn up your metabolism quickly

"I can't stand when even reputable media proclaims that we should be eating these foods to 'burn fat' and 'stoke our metabolism.' This is the best example of how actual science gets twisted and blown completely out of proportion. Some foods — like ice-cold water or chili peppers — tend to increase the metabolic rate. However, that's not the end of the story. The amount they increase your metabolism by is tiny — I mean five calories or so — and, it's transient, so the effect wears off fairly quickly once you're consumed the food. Plus, how many chili peppers are you even going to eat? Any time you see a nutrition headline, you'll want to consider the source, or even better, read the actual research behind it." —Abby Langer, RD, Abby Langer Nutrition

3. That diets work…

"I think the biggest myth about weight loss is that weight loss diets actually work. While they might work in the short run, they actually don't work to sustain weight loss in the long run. This is because most weight loss diets are not balanced, and cut out entire food groups (e.g. low carb/no carb), which is not realistic for people to adopt for the rest of their life. As soon as a person ends the diet, they will gain the weight back. In addition to that, cutting out entire food groups isn't healthy in the long run!" —Anjali Shah, board certified health coach and founder of The Picky Eater"The fact of the matter is that 95% of people regain weight over a five-year period. We need to stop prescribing an intervention that has no evidence of being sustainable."—Aaron Flores, RDN, private practice, Calabasas, CA, and co-host of Dietitians Unplugged

4. That everyone should go low on carbs.

5. That you have to exercise a lot and go super hard all the time.

6.  That there’s a “right” or “best” or “perfect” diet and you just have to find it. eg Green Tea.

7. That if exercise doesn’t feel impossible and tedious, it’s probably not effective.

"Look into attending a dance class, roller blading, rowing, swimming, and more. Exercise is not strictly limited to activities inside of a gym. Find an active routine that interests you and make it part of your daily routine."—Anowa Adjah, owner and CEO of Anowa Adjah Works

8. That weight loss is the best reason to work out. My friend sweat it out for your future.

9. That there’s a “correct” time of day to work out for maximum results – morning, afternoon, night, midnight, just sweat already.

10. That you have to avoid or restrict certain foods.

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11. That the scale provides useful information.

"When trying to make body composition changes it’s best to pay more attention to the way your clothes fit, which is a better indicator of loss of fat, which is what people are really talking about when they want to lose weight. Plus, from a health perspective, losing fat (as opposed to muscle and water weight) is optimal. But a scale just measures the weight of your body, not how much fat vs. muscle vs. water there is in it." —Ben Sit, RD, president of Evolved Sport and Nutrition

12. That you should eat the exact same (small) amount of food every single day of your life.

13.  That you can “jumpstart” your weight loss with a cleanse.

Culled from Buzzfeed


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